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Photo of Jonno Hanafin

Jonno Hanafin, USA


Jonno Hanafin, MBA is a seasoned organizational advisor and intervener with a geographically and industrially diverse pedigree. He has been a Gestalt and OD based change practitioner for over 4 decades. His executive leadership experience includes global responsibility for executive and organization development for Exxon. He led one of the first large system culture development projects in the field, creating a participative culture that has endured over 45 years.

Jonno is one of the foremost developers of leaders and organization change consultants in the world. He is founder and Co-Chair of the iGOLD Center.

His book, with Mary Ann Rainey, Leadership in the Age of Not Knowing: Strategies for Leading in a Learning Way, is a practical integration of Gestalt, leadership and experiential learning theory.

Jonno lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife, Julie.