"I cannot recommend highly enough the faculty.  They professionally delivered an excellent programme which has had a significant and lasting impact on my practice as a facilitator and OD consultant.  The models and concepts taught continue to inform my practice.  Most of all, the challenging and hugely rewarding experience of the learning community they created helped to significantly raise awareness of myself and complex systems.  Easily, the most rewarding learning experience for me so far."

Paul Cummings
Kinharve Institute; Glasgow, Scotland


"What was so unique about this experience was the way it focused on both me as a person and me as a practitioner. It significantly deepened my self-awareness, which has enabled me to connect more effectively and authentically with my clients, and taught me specific models and approaches I can use in my work whether it’s with an individual, team or organization.

The faculty provides a rich learning environment and balanced being both challenging and supportive, which pushed me to stretch myself in ways that I had never done before. The diversity of my cohort, which included people from more than 10 countries, challenged my thinking and stretched my perspective, and inspired me to live and work outside the US to continue to build my global perspective.

"The mix of intrapersonal reflective processes, group work, theoretical and applied learning created a holistic and powerful experience and I have been transformed by it."

Yvonne Ingalls
Manzo Coaching & Consulting


"Participating in this programme was a fantastic experience. The opportunity to meet some of the original developers of the programme on faculty was a gift; their commitment and desire to see change, and channel that, allowed me to deepen my roots in the body of knowledge. Maintaining contact with some faculty and colleagues on the programme has served as a launching pad for my professional practice in Ghana and the African Region."

Dr. Dan Inkoom
Organization Development Centre — Ghana


"The GestaltOD program is likely to be one of the most powerful learning experiences you will ever have. The faculty is outstanding, as are the accomplished professionals who choose to invest in themselves and in their leadership. Life and work are changing so very quickly today, and so profoundly. This program will help you to find your personal path to a better world."

Dr. Annie McKee
Teleos Leadership Institute


"After 15+ years working in organizations, I was particularly interested in an educational experience that would help me build global leadership, cross cultural, and international business skills. The program was an exceptional enhancement to my role then, as VP of Learning and Org Development for Marriott International.

The experience in this program provided me with client engagements in several countries, each time working with a different constellation of a cross-cultural consulting team, with each member having unique and often divergent perspectives from one another. The combination of consulting, team effectiveness, and experiences in multiple countries with such a diverse team has had an indelible impact on my practice, perspective, and global business experience."

James K. O’Hern
Cornell University, Johnson School of Business


"The Gestalt programme I attended with this faculty has been an immense influence in my life both professional and personal, and the combination of a faculty that are experienced coaches and experts in the field of organisational development makes it all the more easy to absorb. It has helped me build confidence and understand the workings of organisations in an incisive manner. In my opinion the course should be ‘sine qua non’ for all leaders and organisations that seek to make real and meaningful contributions in dynamic environments.

I recommend the course without reservation as a life changing programme."

M.K . Sizwe
Land Bank of South Africa


"Today, with a deep understanding of my stance and of my intentions I am more successful when going into any consulting process.  My capability to make effective contact in various cultural contexts, has opened for me new and exciting professional opportunities.

I am able to choose how to show up in any context or level of system.  I use my presence intentionally, in a way that enables me to intervene more effectively and make a difference wherever I am.  That is the most powerful skill I have today as a consultant. I name it – my art of consulting.

On the personal level, I have made significant decisions and, with the support of my faculty, discovered I have the power to shift and step into a new reality by choice.  This was the best personal and professional investment I have ever done and I enjoy the fruits of this experience since then."

Galia Rosenberg; psychologist, executive coach, team and leadership development; Israel


"My experience in the program has impacted my practice in many ways.  It has put significant structure to what I did already, and helped me identify major areas in which I could strengthen my way of working.  The strong emphasis on experience and experiment helped me to try new things out and focus my own work on a more energetic way of engaging with my clients.  The structure of the program allowed me to exercise in between sessions, and return with fresh questions and priorities.  But most of all, I learned from engaging with the faculty — perceptive, wise, kind, strong and encouraging — and with the participants — diverse, experienced, caring and sometimes challenging!  This program teaches about organizational development in a way that embodies it all."

Paul ter Linden, McKinsey Partner


"Gestalt taught me to Connect: to align my heart and head towards fulfilling purposeful leading and learning. Additionally, I learned to see the other for who they are and who they are in relationship with me. I am getting along better and making a better impact through heightened awareness of my own leadership journey, the other and things going on around me. I find I am enjoying being more of Me."

Unami Mpofu, Institutional Change Facilitator/ Leadership Development


"The iGOLD programme gave me the opportunity to explore how to use my presence more powerfully in the service of the other (the other being the communities, organisations I work with, and in my personal life). It has profoundly changed my view of the world and how I interact with it. Being a part of the diverse international learning circle for two years with such powerful seamless facilitators was both humbling and empowering. It has been the best personal investment I have ever made, and the awareness of a new way of being continues to influence every part of my life."

Rama Naidu, Democracy Development Program; Durban, South Africa