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Photo of Csaba Csaszar

Csaba Csaszar, Hungary


Csaba has been working as an organisational practitioner, mostly in the business sector, but he has also supported NGO’s, schools and religious organizations.

He graduated as an economist during the big political transitions of Hungary in the 80’s and 90’s. That experience contributed to his commitment to democratic dialogue and that might also be a reason behind his motivation to work with larger groups and whole systems, using Open Space, Future Search or Appreciative Inquiry.

Csaba has completed the IOSD IX program, studied the Cape Cod model at GISC, Theory U at the Presencing Institute and he recently also completed the Hi Lab at NTL UK.

He lives near the Danube in Vac with his wife, Kinga and their three children, surrounded by a big garden where they grow their own fruits and vegetables.