iGOLD Program Overview

International Gestalt Organization and Leadership Development Program (iGOLD Program)

The iGOLD Program is comprised of five, week-long immersion modules designed to enhance and deepen the practice of Gestalt in organizations and large social systems. In order to deliver the most powerful experience, the program is tailored for an on-going cohort group, between 24-36 participants.

This program is open to aspiring and experienced leaders, managers and administrators, consultants and coaches and and human resources and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) professionals who are ready for their next developmental experience.

Registration is now open for iGold V and begins on 18 May 2025. To enquire, email info@igoldcenter.com. Locations are to be confirmed.

The program includes sessions in:

  • Gestalt approach to working in organizations: Gestalt, Organization Development (OD). leadership, diversity
  • General systems theory
  • Use of self and personal presence
  • Intervention strategies for consulting, coaching, facilitating two- and three-person systems, and complex change
  • Intervening at multiple levels of systems: individuals, two- and three- persons, groups, organizations and larger social systems
  • Appreciating multiple realities and working with ambivalence and polarities
  • The Gestalt Paradoxical Theory of change
  • Gestalt stance of working with resistance
  • Using the Gestalt experiment at work
  • Application of Gestalt principles, theory and practice in a virtual world