Goals and Objectives

International Gestalt Organization & Leadership Development Program Goals and Objectives

The iGOLD Center is very excited about the response to our innovative iGOLD Certificate Program. This program was designed to provide professionals the tools to facilitate and lead organization development and change through a highly effective holistic and integrated approach. We seek to improve organizational performance by improving the effectiveness of those who work in and work with organizations. We are pleased that demand has steadily increased since we launched the program in 2014.

Our Vision

Practical application of Gestalt principles in a virtual world is our vision for 21st century relevancy.

Our Goals for You

  • Experience and learn Gestalt theory and practice
  • Conceive of organizations as complex social systems existing within the context of a broader environment
  • Develop greater self-awareness and competence in use-of-self as an instrument of change and making a difference with your presence
  • Learn and utilize the four primary iGOLD models: Cycle of Experience, Unit of Work, Four Roles of the Gestalt Intervener and the RSVP Fundamentals of Leadership Model
  • Recognize resistance to change and adopt a respectful and creative attitude toward resistance using the Gestalt Paradoxical Theory of Change
  • Understand and utilize the Gestalt OD perspective and the role of leadership in OD and change management
  • Develop leadership skills and the ability to cultivate followership
  • Develop competence in working in culturally diverse environments
  • Increase skills in attending to and intervening at multiple levels of system