About the iGOLD Program

Enroll now for our 2025-2026 International Program

Registration is open for the iGold V program which launches on 18 May 2025 - locations to be confirmed.

The iGOLD curriculum is a highly intensive and experiential program for organizational leaders and practitioners. Our teaching methods include exercises, case analysis, webinars, lectures, skill-practice sessions, readings, reflection, on-site and off-site client consulting opportunities, and various dialogue forums.

Today’s leaders must know how to inspire maximum performance from an increasingly diverse workforce, and each program is a microcosm of these environments, attracting cohorts comprised of different nationalities, cultures, races, genders and physical abilities. Each program convenes in a different country. All courses are conducted in English.

Our faculty has been instrumental in developing top-tier leaders in multinational corporate, educational, non-profit and consulting organizations in countries throughout the world, helping them initiate and holistically manage change in high performance workplaces.

Our curriculum draws primarily from three branches of Gestalt:

  1. Organization and social change from the research, theory and practice of Gestalt psychologist Kurt Lewin;
  2. Intervening with individuals, couples and families from Gestalt therapy and its founder, Fritz Perls; and
  3. The teachings of Edwin Nevis, a pioneer of the Gestalt oriented consulting and leadership approach.

We have taken these perspectives, together with current thought and practice in the behavioral and social sciences, to create a powerfully holistic and integrated learning experience for participants. Ours is a process model that can be used in any role, regardless of content and within most contexts. Personal presence, diversity, inclusion, and social justice are threads that run across all modules.