An Introduction to Gestalt in Organizations

Our Popular Introductory Course. 2023-24 Schedule TBD

Join this highly experiential, professional and personal learning journey with internationally recognized Gestalt teachers and practitioners.

This introductory course is a condensed version of the longer iGOLD Program and focuses on the work of Gestalt social psychologist Kurt Lewin, Gestalt therapists Fritz Perls, Laura Pearls and their colleagues and the contributions of Edwin Nevis, Elaine Kepner and other contemporary perspectives of the Cleveland approach to Gestalt practice in organisations.

Course Content

  • Foundations of Gestalt theory and practice in organisations.
  • Primary principles and models of Gestalt practice in organisations: Cycle of Experience, Unit of Work, Four Roles of the Gestalt Intervener and the RSVP Fundamentals of Leadership Model.
  • Use of self and personal presence.
  • Gestalt theory of working with resistance and the “paradoxical theory of change”.
  • Basic skill practice applying Gestalt principles at multiple levels: individual, two-person/dyad, interpersonal, trio, group, organisation and larger social systems.
  • Gestalt stance on coaching, conflict management, working with groups and teams, navigating change in large complex social systems, and leadership development.
  • Pragmatics, benefits and dilemmas of the Gestalt approach.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in social systems

Course Format

The course will consist of brief lectures, experiential exercises, skill practice, case study and analysis, journaling, reading and application. Delegates will work in multiple configurations: individually, pairs, groups, total community and plenary.

Who Should Attend

Organisational consultants, leaders, managers and administrators, coaches and supervisors, human resources professionals and diversity and inclusion professionals who want to enhance their effectiveness using the Gestalt stance.