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Mary Ann Rainey, USA

Partner and Faculty

Mary Ann Rainey, Ph.D. is an executive coach and organization consultant with a global client base. She specializes in the application of holistic perspectives to improve organizational performance and transformation.  Her executive leadership experience includes Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness of Exelon Corporation and Vice-City Manager of East Cleveland, Ohio.

Mary Ann has an extensive resume in the field of applied behavioral science: In 1987, she was project manager for the first application of Appreciative Inquiry theory to an organizational change initiative at a top-five Canadian accounting firm. Her Gestalt OD experience spans more than 20 years and includes co-chairman of the US and International Organization & Systems Development (OSD) Programs and co-founder of the Ghana OSD Program. She is a past board member of NTL Institute and has taught in the NTL OD certificate programs in India, Europe and Singapore and in management programs at Case Western Reserve University and Benedictine University. The Kurt Lewin Center has honored Mary Ann as a Lewin Fellow.

Mary Ann created the iGOLD™ model and has published numerous articles including co-editing the 2004 special edition of the Journal of the OD Network, Organization Development and Gestalt: An Ongoing Partnership. Her most recent article with David A. Kolb, Organization Leadership: Leading in a Learning Way, introduces the innovative RSVP  Fundamentals of Leadership Model.

Mary Ann and her husband live in Chicago, Illinois.