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Chantelle Wyley, South Africa

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Chantelle Wyley MIS, Certificate (Coaching) is a coach, facilitator and trainer who specializes in development project management training, facilitation training, leadership development, organization development and systems change. She uses emotional intelligence and Gestalt OD to primarily coach and support public sector leaders in the technical aspects of project/program management, leadership, personal development, diversity, and how to cultivate powerful personal presence and resonant relationships.

Chantelle has taught coaches and consultants in the International Gestalt Organization and Systems Development (IOSD) Program (2006-2012), the Business Executive Coaching Program at the University of Witwatersrand Business School, Johannesburg (2009-2012), and other Gestalt OD programs in South Africa. She is co-chair of Baobab Consulting and Training (Cape Town, South Africa), is a Senior Technical Advisor in the Technical Assistance Unit of the National Treasury (South Africa), and is an associate of the Teleos Leadership Institute (Philadelphia, USA).